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BIM Inter­na­tio­nal Stan­dards Summit 2018: High­lights

By La rédaction - 29 October 2018
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GiSmart­­ware atten­ded the second annual BIM Inter­­na­­tio­­nal Stan­­dards Summit held in Tokyo on Octo­­ber 16 to 19, 2018. The summit focu­sed on the deve­­lop­­ment of open digi­­tal stan­­dards for impro­­ving the design, buil­­ding, and mana­­ge­­ment of assets. What lessons should we take home from the event? Here’s the feed­back.


New BIM chal­lenges: Welcome to society 5.0

With more and more people inves­ting in this type of tech­no­logy, BIM is clearly a topic of growing impor­tance. As such, it tackles seve­ral key points:

The rise of BIM may help lay the foun­da­tions for society 5.0— a huge Japa­nese socie­tal trans­for­ma­tion plan for a “super smart society” which leve­rage BIM, IoT, robo­tics and auto­ma­ti­sa­tion to provide assis­tance to an aging popu­la­tion, help lower the impact of construc­tion on the envi­ron­ment, and promote social progress.

But new prac­tices and use cases are needed in order to achieve this society. Masa­fumi Mori, Japa­nese vice-minis­ter of Land, Infra­struc­ture, Tran­sport and Tourism, noted 3 possible uses:


Focus on the Rail Room

What happe­ned in the Rail Room during the summit, you may ask? Here are some high­lights:

These sessions were an oppor­tu­nity for parti­ci­pants to disco­ver the latest IFC Align­ment deve­lop­ments and learn how to use the stan­dard for rail­ways.


New pers­pec­tives: Publi­shers at the heart of the matter

buil­dingS­mart is accom­pli­shed at defi­ning IFC stan­dards, but the chal­lenge of trying to involve publi­shers more deeply in the process still remains.

New soft­ware certi­fi­ca­tion process

Richard Petrie, buil­dingS­mart Inter­na­tio­nal’s chief execu­tive, high­ligh­ted the need to improve the soft­ware certi­fi­ca­tion process for 2 reasons:

Soft­ware vendor boar­ding

Winfried Stix, the Rail Room chair, announ­ced a Vendor Soft­ware Onboar­ding Initia­tive. This initia­tive focuses on how to convince soft­ware publi­shers to parti­ci­pate in and adopt this stan­dard. This initia­tive is heavily suppor­ted by GiSmart­ware, which plans to become invol­ved when it is made public.


The IFC Rail stan­dard is on track. Now is the time for you to get invol­ved in the project to stan­dar­dise exchanges between soft­ware publi­shers and rail­way stan­dards. To faci­li­tate this, GiSmart­ware will be present for the first 2019 ISS next March in Düssel­dorf, Germany. Save the date!

By La rédaction - 29 October 2018

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