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[Check­list] The 7 essen­tial features of a Tele­coms GIS

By La rédaction - 23 July 2020
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Do you have a Tele­coms GIS or are you plan­ning to get one? In order to carry out all of your daily projects success­fully, it is still neces­sary to have effi­cient and rele­vant busi­ness features. Why? What are they? The GiSmart­ware teams take an over­view of the situa­tion in a check­list.


Like local autho­ri­ties or tele­coms network opera­tors, you need to ensure quality and conti­nuity of service while mini­mi­zing your costs and enhan­cing the cove­rage of your terri­tory. In order to help you in your projects, soft­ware publi­shers deve­lo­ped solu­tions based on carto­gra­phy, or GIS – for Geogra­phic Infor­ma­tion System.

These soft­ware products are desi­gned on a topo­lo­gi­cal and geogra­phi­cal analy­sis of the terri­tory to iden­tify the most or least effi­cient network sections, break­downs, and to moni­tor the light­paths route and also to extract impor­tant data from them. Thus, you can sche­dule preven­tive or cura­tive main­te­nance opera­tions on parts loca­li­zed by the tool, but also manage the connec­tions more effi­ciently.


Tele­coms GIS have useful features in your daily work. Howe­ver, to ensure that you can deal with any situa­tion, some features are essen­tial such as, but not limi­ted to, the cata­logue of object models and the module for mana­ging custo­mer assi­gn­ments, etc.

The GiSmart­ware teams have iden­ti­fied 7 features that are abso­lu­tely neces­sary to have in its Tele­coms GIS in order to faci­li­tate deci­sion-making. All these elements, inclu­ding a short use case, are detai­led in this check­list.

As local autho­ri­ties or tele­coms network opera­tors, having adequate tools to simplify proce­dures in order to improve the perfor­mance of your tele­coms network is a prio­rity. Find out more about the features that will help you achieve your busi­ness goals by down­loa­ding the check­list.


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    By La rédaction - 23 July 2020

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