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Setting up a community Geographic Information System and management of sports facility maintenance.


Alençon District Council (Communauté Urbaine d’Alençon, CUA), the contracting authority for this project, wanted to set up a community GIS to satisfy its own needs, address the expectations of member municipalities and make part of the data available to the general public.
The system has to enable access to data consolidated at the level of the entire community, with varying levels of detail and information. Land registry data and geometrically corrected orthophoto maps were the original resources used for this decision support and consultation resource.

Implementation (2007)

GiSmartware deployed its web-based MapCité solution in order to publish geographic data for different user profiles (the general public, municipalities, district councils).
The MapCité application was enriched with interfaces using third-party applications. Using its Autocad MAP licenses, CUA uses data from the GIS database stored in Oracle Spatial format.
GiSmartware uses remote handling technologies to install and configure the MapCité web application, and assists and trains the on-site administrator in use of the tools to integrate land registry data and new map data, enriching the GIS.

This has enabled CUA to provide a General Public website, through which some information can be accessed without a username or password:

Implementation (since 2013)

In 2013, CUA was invited to migrate MapCité to SMARTGEO. This migration allowed CUA to enrich its GIS:

  • Acquisition of the maintenance module, allowing it to provide maintenance monitoring and management of football and handball goals and basketball hoops
  • Acquisition of a mobility licence in order to be more effective in the field

CUA released a video illustrating the use of SMARTGEO and mobility for the maintenance of football and handball goals and basketball hoops:

Key figures

business layers and 5 background map layers

types of objects handled

declared users


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