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Street lighting, lit signage and traffic lights


In 2005, the CITEOS brand chose GiSmartware’s Citeos CENTER solution to manage its street light repository and intervention management nationwide. The solution is now used by most CITEOS entities.

Through these companies, CITEOS sought to have a national IT hub under contract (hosting plus administration). Here’s what this facility allows CITEOS to do:

  • Manage street light assets
  • Respond to intervention requests
  • Monitor new works and renovation
  • Monitor and approve curative and preventive maintenance operations
  • Provide client municipalities with an intervention request portal.

It was seeking to do all this within a map environment.

Implementation (2005 – present)

To address these various needs, GiSmartware customised the business software for CITEOS. This web-based solution allows users to manage all street lighting assets using a standard web browser, with no installation required. GiSmartware services cover the following:


  • Providing an IT infrastructure,
  • Administrating the hub,
  • In-service support for the hub,
  • Integrating map data from various companies,
  • Establishing mobility for guiding and maintenance,
  • User training,
  • Day-to-day assistance with use of the hub.


Key figures

georeferenced lights

requests for intervention since 2005

reports entered since 2005

municipalities managed


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