Street lighting, telecoms network and Declarations of Works/Intent to Commence Works


In 2009, the street lighting department of the Mayenne Gas and Electricity Board (SDEGM) was handling 26,000 lights. Maintenance and works on these assets was coordinated by the street lighting department and carried out by a number of contractors.

SDEGM was keen to become autonomous, with its own solution that would enable it to:

  • Manage street lighting assets,
  • Respond to requests for intervention,
  • Monitor new works and renovation,
  • Monitor and approve curative and preventive maintenance operations.

It was seeking to do all this within a map environment.

Implementation (2009 – 2010)

To address these various needs, GiSmartware suggested that SDEGM use its EP Center business software solution. This web-based solution allows users to manage all street lighting assets using a standard web browser, with no installation required. GiSmartware services cover the following:

  • Providing an EP Center licence,
  • Integrating cartographic data from the tax authorities and IGN,
  • Massive integration of descriptive data for assets and photos taken by contractors,
  • Establishing mobility for guiding and maintenance,
  • User training.

Since late 2014

In 2014, SDEGM was invited to migrate to SMARTGEO. This migration then made it possible to add new modules:

  • The ANT (Digital Territorial Development) business module visualises telecoms networks in SMARTGEO and shows conduit contents
  • ‘DT/DICT’ module to automate responses to Declarations of Works/Intent to Commence Works received by SDEGM
  • Additional business layers: ERDF and GRDF gas and electricity grid networks

Key figures

lights and 1,291 cabinets geo-referenced

requests for intervention since 2010

reports entered since 2010

contacts to be alerted automatically in the event of a declared request for intervention


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