NETGEO telecom

Our NETGEO TELECOM solution is powerful mapping software that can assist you in the deployment, operations and maintenance phases of your telecoms networks.


NETGEO advantages

connaissance exhaustive

Complete knowledge

of your assets

A complete, powerful business GIS

simplification exploitation

Simplify the operation

of your network

Business modules available for you to use


Optimise your interventions

Planning, work order management and business reporting tools.

aide à la gestion

Help with managing your investments

Create customisable reports and project monitoring

“We’re very satisfied with the product. NETGEO has met our expectations in every respect. We were pleasantly surprised with the detail with which our business is dealt with in this software. As for the hotline, we can contact the right person very quickly; this allows us to solve our problems in short order, often on the same day. One of the plus points of GiSmartware is the attentiveness to user expectations.”

Kevin Huet – REG.I.E.S

End-to-end network assistance:

NETGEO telecom is designed to meet the needs of technical teams whatever the network life cycle

aide au déploiement et à la construction

Help with deployment and construction

  • Quickly put together an accurate, reliable repository of network infrastructures;
  • Visualise your building plans on maps, using standard GIS or CAD formats;
  • Display connections between cables and on patch panels;
  • Display connections along a lightpath on an interactive diagram;
  • Control the consistency of object naming.
support exploitation et maintenance

Support for operations and maintenance

  • Find the location of your equipment in your repository at any time:
  • Be aware of the detailed contents of your cabinets, sites and chambers right across your network;
  • Exploit infrastructure occupancy rates to manage network growth;
  • Display and manage infrastructure carriers (tubing and sub-tubing).
paramétrage intuitif

User-friendly configuration of your network specifics

  • Customise drop-down list items on your network component data sheets;
  • Add new attribute fields to the data model;
  • Create network configurations – from the simplest to the most complex (connection chambers, fibre optic node, sub-splitter, etc.);
  • Integrate the catalogue of hardware used;
  • Manage read-only and read/write access for each business remit, specific geographical areas, or certain types of object, depending on their characteristics.
gamme logicielle

A software range based on tried and tested technologies

  • Platform developed by GIS world leader ESRI;
  • Future-proof architecture allows for transition from single-workstation configuration to client/server version catering for simultaneous access by several hundred users, for updates or to consult data;
  • Standard database system allows millions of objects to be stored and processed using Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server technologies;
  • SDK allows software to be enriched with specific functions;
  • SOA allows software functions to be accessed from other applications.

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