Welcome to geographic intelligence!

GiSmartware is a software development firm specialising in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Our clients include manufacturers, local authorities, maintenance firms, management agencies, network operators and others.For them, we develop innovative mapping software, geared to their various business lines – helping them to display, get to know, maintain and operate these networks and their related infrastructures.

Present for more than 25 years now alongside industries and authorities, we’ve built up extensive expertise in our clients’ various business lines, in particular in the fields of telecoms, energy, water and management of what is now known as the Smart City.

Our added value We help our clients simplify and modernise processes for getting to know and operating their technical networks and urban assets. We work alongside councils and local authorities to develop new operating solutions, facilitating smart management of their assets.

The future is bound up with innovation and simplification, and so our company invests almost 20% of its revenues in Research and Development every year.

All about GiSmartware

First and foremost, GiSmartware represents 25 years’ worth of experience, putting us one step ahead in ‘smart’ mapping and operation of networks and urban assets.

The management team

Tanneguy de BourmontManaging Director

After working as a consultant to SMEs and as sales director in multinationals including Schindler, Tanneguy de Bourmont joined Générale d’Infographie.

Christophe PalfiManaging Director

Former director of development and infrastructures for SFR Christophe Palfi also joined Générale d’Infographie.

Nicolas AngénieuxDirector of the Smartcity / Water

Nicolas Angénieux is back at GiSmartware after 4 years of technological experiments in the field of geolocated connected objects (IoT).
His 20 years of experience in the creation of business mapping applications will be used to serve the SmartCity/IoT and Water Markets, of which he is the director.

Lionel RiusTechnical Director

Backed by a close familiarity with client needs based on several years’ experience within the firm, Lionel Rius became Director of Operations and Sales.

Kevin SanchoProject & Customer Service Manager

After having accompanied SNCF for two years in the deployment and use of NETGEO Télécom, Kevin Sancho returned to the headquarters in Limonest to take responsibility for Customer Service and implement tools better adapted to meet expectations.

Fabrice SimoninDirector of the Rail division

Having been involved in designing and developing Web applications for over 10 years, Fabrice Simonin came on board to head up R&D.

Jérôme LebeauDirector of the Telecom division

After 10 years of experience at SFR, Jérôme Lebeau joins GiSmartware as head of the Telecom & Big Data division.

GiSmartware highlights