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[ Ebook ] Opti­mi­zing the opera­tion of distri­bu­tion points

By La rédaction - 20 November 2018
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Often consi­de­red to be the “weakest link” in FTTH networks, a distri­bu­tion point is a major source of concern for owners, not to mention for other parties. With more than 100,000 distri­bu­tion points in France, the ques­­tion of how to manage these inter­­­faces is crucial for network opera­tors. What issues do distri­bu­tion points bring to light? And what tech­no­lo­gies might faci­li­tate their opera­tions?



Distri­bu­tion points under the radar

In France, 100,000 distri­bu­tion points connect the upstream and downs­tream parts of an FTTH network, the first being the part belon­ging to Tele­coms opera­tors and the second the part shared by all. Distri­bu­tion points receive heavy traf­fic and undergo nume­rous manual inter­ven­tions, parti­cu­larly when new custo­mers are added to the network or change provi­ders.

Gene­rally, a distri­bu­tion point comes in the form of a metal cabi­net or box loca­ted at the base of a buil­ding or in the street. Its posi­­tion and massive use expose it to a risk of dete­rio­ra­tion, vanda­lism, and frequent break­downs and dysfunc­tions.

A white paper for mana­ge­ment opti­mi­za­tion

In order to faci­li­tate mana­ge­ment opera­tions and distri­bu­tion point main­te­nance, the GiSmart­­ware teams have writ­ten a white paper cove­ring the issue of defi­ning them and the tech­no­lo­gi­cal pers­­pec­­tives avai­lable to opera­tors. The book has three points of focus :

Distri­bu­tion points are indis­pen­sable to the proper func­tio­ning of FFTH networks and are extre­mely vulne­rable. Care­less­ness, mali­cious acts, and dysfunc­tions are all major risks to their proper func­tio­ning and may have serious consequences on service in buil­dings. Multiple schools of thought led by indus­try players are currently addres­sing how to streng­then their secu­rity. Learn more about them in our white paper!



By La rédaction - 20 November 2018

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