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[Speci­fi­ca­tions] My Tele­coms GIS project

By La rédaction - 16 July 2020
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Would you like to involve your local autho­rity in a Tele­coms GIS project? Does the large number of solu­tions avai­lable on the market overw­helm you? You don’t know how to choose the most adap­ted solu­tion for your needs? The GiSmart­ware teams have prepa­red speci­fi­ca­tions that will help you in your deci­sion-making.


In order to prepare your Tele­coms GIS project, writing detai­led speci­fi­ca­tions is impor­tant to:

To prepare your project’s road­map, GiSmart­ware teams prepa­red speci­fi­ca­tions to help and faci­li­tate your analy­sis of the exis­ting situa­tion and to allow you to compare all services offe­red by various mapping soft­ware publi­shers. As soon as you have chosen your provi­der, speci­fi­ca­tions will be shared with him in order to get the neces­sary infor­ma­tion for the success­ful deploy­ment of your solu­tion – as long as it is detai­led enough!


To ensure that you have the infor­ma­tion you need to make an enligh­te­ned deci­sion, these speci­fi­ca­tions are orga­ni­zed into four chap­ters:

Star­ting a Tele­coms GIS project requires signi­fi­cant prepa­ra­tion and a soft­ware publi­sher that’ll be fully in line with your expec­ta­tions and busi­nesses goals. Down­load GiSmart­wa­re’s speci­fi­ca­tions to help you in your deci­sion-making.


By La rédaction - 16 July 2020

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