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Dear Mr and Mrs,

You are customer or partner of Business Geografic and/or GiSmartware; Ciril GROUP thanks you for the trust you’ve placed in us.

In this period of Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, Ciril GROUP has deployed its business continuity planning. Those will enable all its teams to maintain services as scheduled in the following weeks.

What is Ciril GROUP’s business continuity planning? It is a variety of measures with a single aim: to ensure full continuity of all activities with your teams: delivery services, Cloud hosting services, assistance and support services.

Accordingly, there are two priorities.

First, to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, and thus protect yourself and people around you from the virus by strictly following the instructions given by the governments and health authorities.

Ciril GROUP has deployed significant technical resources to enable all of its employees to work remotely and carry out all the services initially planned on customer site or on the Ciril GROUP’s offices. This makes it possible to guarantee the continuity of delivery services without exposing Ciril GROUP’s teams, or yours, to any risk of spreading the virus. Ciril GROUP’s teams are equipped with all possible means of communications to collaborate remotely with your teams (including the ones working from home: videoconferencing, telephone, email, chat, etc.). With your agreement, they can also take remotely control of your computer and servers as soon as it proves itself useful. Your teams at home will therefore be able to follow training courses, from any computer connected to the Internet.

Second, to keep the companies going, in a responsible way, so as not to contribute to generating an economic crisis in addition to the current health crisis.

Ciril GROUP has deployed all the logistical, organizational and human resources that turned out to be useful or necessary to ensure all of its commitments to you in terms of delivery services. Its teams Business, Projects, Cloud Hosting and Customer Support are and will remain 100% operational for the whole period of the Covid-19 pandemic. For this reason, Ciril GROUP thanks you for the welcoming that you reserve to its teams who contact you to propose you telephone meetings or videoconferences when the physical meetings are unfortunately not possible in the current sanitary context.

Ciril GROUP has also organized several homogeneous teams for the supervision of its Cloud hosting infrastructure. SynAApS Hosting and Managed Services teams work in such a way that they never physically cross each other. If a maintenance operation has to be performed in the SynAApS data centers, a maximum of two people from the same team are allowed to enter simultaneously into the data centers. These measures significantly reduce the risk of viral spread among employees who are going out of their home confinement to work in SynAApS data centers. If your softwares, information systems, web portals, platforms and infrastructures are hosted by SynAApS, you benefit from the best guarantees in terms of quality of service, availability of your resources and security of your data.

Your usual interlocutors are at your disposal for any questions you may have; do not hesitate to contact them. In order to make the work of its teams easier, and therefore preserve the delivery of services and deadlines on your projects, Ciril GROUP would like to ask you to remind to your collaborators that all their requests for assistance should be sent exclusively from your Help Center or to the usual support email addresses.

Rest assured, Ciril GROUP has deployed, and will continue to deploy, all the necessary means to ensure the continuity of our services and to respect the schedule of your respective projects.

Ciril GROUP thanks you for your attention and asks you to believe in the full commitment of each of our collaborators to continue to be at your service despite this very particular context.

Ending the pandemic and protecting ourselves from the virus while continuing to keep the countries’ economies going is the responsibility of everyone. Together, Ciril GROUP’s teams and yours will know how to use modern communication technologies and new ways of working in order to overcome this unprecedented period… and to get out of it much stronger!