Improve the completeness, quality and freshness of your rail infrastructure reference system! 

The railway industry is undergoing a digital revolution: BIM (Building Information Modeling), autonomous trains, predictive maintenance, the internet of things… All these new practices are making data a strategic industrial asset in the same way that ground installations are.

As infrastructure managers GiSmartware supports you in these initiatives by offering NetGeo rail, the first standards-based software package dedicated to the administration of a rail infrastructure reference system.

What are the data challenges facing rail infrastructure managers?


The description of the network is central to the work of infrastructure managers. It is this description which enables maintenance staff to optimise interventions, autonomous trains to circulate safely, railway companies to order their train paths and data uploaded from the field to fully make sense.

To meet these challenges, functional or territorial silos are no longer sufficient: an infrastructure reference system that is coherent, comprehensive, interoperable and distributed becomes indispensable.

How to supply this reference system? For new infrastructure projects, BIM promises a digital continuity of the design tools used in design and research offices with the digital twin that is the infrastructure reference system. But, to ensure the quality of historical data, a powerful, reliable and ergonomic administration tool is essential.

A solution suited to the rail profession

Line and track topology

NetGeo rail uses the RailTopoModel of the UIC (International Union of Railways) standard to ensure consistency in your network’s topology

Your network in all its facets

NetGeo rail maintains the consistency of the attribute, linear, cartographic and schematic descriptions of your network

Programmed vision

All facilities and all their related entities involve a validity period: NetGeo rail describes your network as it was, as it is and as it will be

A solution that can be integrated into your information system


NetGeo rail draws on the standards being developed by the rail industry in order to ensure interoperability of your data with those of your partners.


NetGeo rail uses a service-oriented architecture which guarantees decoupling between your data and our solution: no “vendor lock-in”.


GiSmartware's commitment to follow the progressive development of rail standards ensures that NetGeo rail will remain a relevant building block in your data production plant.


Because every infrastructure manager is different, NetGeo rail has been constructed to easily adapt to your specificities.

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Train autonome, maintenance prédictive, BIM... Au coeur de tous ces sujets d'avenir, la description du réseau : comment la maintenir à jour ? Comment en garantir la cohérence ? Comment en améliorer la qualité ? Plus que jamais, le référentiel d'infrastructures s'impose comme un actif industriel stratégique pour les gestionnaires d'infrastructures.