Au travers de ses fonctionnalités généralistes (SIG) et spécialisées par métiers (modules), SmartGeo vous aide à connaître votre patrimoine avec précision et sur toute la durée de son cycle de vie et d’entretien. Il est un outil de gestion complet : de la création d’un référentiel à l’analyse et à la publication des données, de l’exploitation à la maintenance.

The benefits of SmartGeo

One platform to manage all types of assets and objects

Single background map for all types of assets within a territory

Personalised workspace for each of your users

Dedicated visualisation for each stakeholder

Your data travels with you in the field

Mobile app allows you to work in online and offline modes

Your assets become smart and communicate

Remote management interface for all your connected objects

Customer testimonial

« We’ve been using SmartGeo for over five years now, and are still just as satisfied with it. The software is future-proof and powerful, and can adapt in line with user needs. We especially appreciate our contacts’ expert knowledge. They can answer all our questions and give us technical explanations. We really do feel accompanied in our projects. »

Raphaël FOUASSIER – TE53

All about SmartGeo

A full-scope resource

SmartGeo features both general functionality (GIS) and business-specific modules, helping you to get to know your assets accurately – throughout their entire maintenance and life cycles. It’s a full-scope management solution: from creating a repository through to data analysis and publication, from operations to maintenance.

It handles all the information relating to your geo-referenced assets and keeps everything constantly up to date. Built as a management tool using data derived from sensors, assets and services, it facilitates the analysis of key information pertaining to installation operation, network status, intervention and alert management, and more.

Unique software

SmartGeo consists of a common kernel, configurable maintenance management in line with the activities relating to the objects, and specific modules for each business line.

The platform uses a single background plan to collate all types of asset within a territory (street lighting, CCTV, street furniture, road signs, signage, parking, green spaces, etc.) as well as offering business-specific functionality.

Its aim is to make work within a single entity simpler, by offering a one-stop solution that facilitates understanding, communication and coordination between the various stakeholders. By providing simple, centralised management of information and related reports, SmartGeo allows local administrators to improve services to users, for instance, as well as offer new relevant services: smart street lighting, incorporating renewable energies, managing electric vehicle charging stations, smart parking, congestion charge management, and more.

SmartGeo is a platform that is already used extensively by councils, local authorities, utility companies and private-sector industry.

Built around a GIS

The software’s common kernel brings together all the functionality of a GIS, whilst also providing flexibility for users to describe their assets. It’s up to you how you choose to describe assets; go for exhaustiveness or summaries, as needed for your infrastructure to be operated with maximum effectiveness. You can also give all your users updated information in real time: locations, descriptions, logs, and more.

SmartGeo provides the following functionality as standard :

  • personalization and configuration of the interface, graphic representation of the objects, descriptive sheets of each type of object and functionalities accessible by user profiles;
  • cartographic navigation under OpenStreetMap with the possibility to integrate your background maps;
  • intuitive consultation of the assets via cartographic localization (by street, by sector, etc.);
  • tools to create punctual, linear or polygonal objects;
  • annotation tools and display models;
  • tools for thematics analysis, multi-tables and multifields queries, quantitative analyses;
  • pre-configured reports for your customers or decision-makers;
  • tool to set more specific user rights;
  • administration tool for users, data, descriptive notes…

Maintenance management

For each asset managed, at every stage of its preventive and curative maintenance cycles, SmartGeo delivers the modular solution that’s right for you: intervention origin management, tour planning, remote management and user call handling, intervention reports, and more. With SmartGeo, you can cut your costs, boost responsiveness, and carry out optimised management of every aspect of your city and region.

SmartGeo is a flexible software solution that can be adapted to your organisation. Whether you’re an operator or maintainer, local authority, utility company or enterprise, the system administration enables you to define in-house and external profiles, and adapts to your types of description and operation.

This functionality is to be found in the maintenance module :

  • intervention requests: automatic reporting of alerts after an intervention or via remote management, options to create call alerts or subcontracting requests;
  • work orders: create work orders on the basis of intervention requests or on an ad hoc basis;
  • reports: create reports on the basis of intervention requests, work orders, or on an ad hoc basis;
  • programmes: create preventive maintenance programmes;
  • manage teams: create new teams, including users;
  • manage notification feeds: create notification feeds via e-mail, fax or SMS for a given area, activity or action (create a call or work order, validate a report, etc.);
  • manage maintenance activities via administration: create custom maintenance activities and related reports.

Remote management interfaces

SmartGeo provides a single interfacing solution for all communicating objects within a territory. Interfaced with a supervisor or communication nodes, it allows information from sensors to be coordinated and recorded.

SmartGeo is interfaced with the benchmark supervisors in each business line covered: Streetlight Vision, ILon Smart Server, BH technologie, SOGEXI, CHARGEPULSE…

SmartGeo is compatible with standard market data transport systems: SIGFOX, LORA…

SmartGeo is compatible with current information exchange standards: ILON, OCPP…

SmartGeo’s adaptation capability allows for interfacing with all today’s tools and sensors – as well as those of tomorrow.

Special modules

SmartGeo is a general-purpose solution with business specialisations. The core features are enriched with supplementary modules for each business line. You’ll find all the tools you need to address your specific business needs :

  • remote management module to exploit data from sensors;
  • project module to work on projects without altering your database;
  • land registry module to access MAJIC data: ownership records, plot reports, etc.;
  • numbering systems for street lighting;
  • features dedicated to the water business: water shutoff, longitudinal profile, catchment and discharge areas, etc.;
  • detailed plan management;

Mobility function

SmartGeo delivers savings in terms of time and productivity to your in-field crews, providing them with a mobile app for nomad terminals (e.g. tablets and smartphones), with the following features :

  • detailed consultation of structures: data sheet, intervention log, etc.; related documents: photos, instructions, plans, etc. (online or offline mode);
  • automatic receipt of notifications and work orders (online mode);
  • entering reports, including synchronisation and automatic updating of assets (online and offline mode);
  • asset inventory directly in the field: create, alter and delete assets;
  • route planning and GPS navigation to your georeferenced assets.

Technical aspects

SmartGeo is a web application, available from any standard browser without any plug-in. We guarantee permanent compatibility with the latest three major versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. For an optimal experience, we advise you to use one of the latter two browsers.

The application can be hosted on any Web server: Windows or Linux. It requires PHP, with the MapScript extension to use MapServer. It can be integrated into any architecture, especially behind a load distributor for maximum stability.

Finally, the data can be integrated into Oracle (11+) or PostgreSQL (9+), with their spatial cartridge. Microsoft SQL Server (2008) is also compatible.

SmartGeo is designed to exchange with other applications, according to the main existing IT protocols (REST / SOAP / API).

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Au travers de ses fonctionnalités généralistes (SIG) et spécialisées par métiers (modules), SmartGeo vous aide à connaître votre patrimoine avec précision et sur toute la durée de son cycle de vie et d’entretien. Il est un outil de gestion complet : de la création d’un référentiel à l’analyse et à la publication des données, de l’exploitation à la maintenance.

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