GiSmartware allows you to make your telecoms network performance more reliable.

Operators, local authorities, public contract-holders, and design firms are just some of those involved in the funding, construction and maintenance of telecoms infrastructure networks totalling thousands of miles’ worth of cables and millions of data.

They are faced with significant economic and business challenges and need solutions to facilitate work on their networks.

Issues facing telecoms networks today ?


Telecoms networks assist enterprises and users in their daily activities and perform a structuring function, just as electricity grids did in the early twentieth century. This major economic issue is a focus for operators, developers, and both public and private-sector operators, as they join forces to build and operate these networks, ranging from THD to fourth and fifth-generation mobile networks.

Faced with the extent of these new territories and the exhaustive description of the infrastructures to be built and operated, network mapping has now become essential.

The key challenge for telecoms stakeholders is to manage to bring together information in a single, straightforward repository that is effective, universal, and accessible in real time, so that all the departments in any given organisation can use the data supplied by any contributor.

Effective management of telecoms networks

Once it has been established, this repository allows users to address their key challenges in effective management of telecoms networks:

Capacity planning

Knowing equipment and infrastructure occupancy levels in advance

Real-time supervision

Identifying signal failure on a map to within one metre on the basis of available data

Swift provisioning of new clients

Automatic creation of end-to-end routing between a central office and terminal equipment

Access to information

Direct and/or mobile access to the information required for intervention procedures

Diagnosis and repair

Display, in the form of a logic diagram, of all the cables, equipment and ports a signal passes through

Platform open to data exchange

GiSmartware is involved in exchange standardisation approaches such as GraceTHD and OpenTHD, as well as in associations such as CREDO and AVICCA

Improved satisfaction


These essential functions for telecoms network upgrading, diagnosis and maintenance management provide end users with improved satisfaction in terms of enhanced quality of the services provided – a key issue for operators when it comes to loyalty-building.

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Les réseaux télécoms accompagnent les entreprises et les usagers dans leur quotidien et sont aussi structurants pour les territoires que l’a été l’électricité au début du XXe siècle.