Your data also supports you on the ground

Your data follows you everywhere,
with or without an internet connection

Without an internet connection

The technician can consult the elements of the existing assets. He can also enter his intervention report and enumerate the changes to the assets on tablet or smartphone.

With an internet connection

Once arrived at the office or upon receipt of an internet connection the data is synchronised automatically.

Available on Android and iOS.

The Mobile solution for making the work of the maintenance technician easier

The maintenance module available on SmartGeo makes it possible to plan out work orders to teams working on the ground. The mobile solution is available on tablet and smartphone in order to help the ground teams with daily reporting of their maintenance tasks as well as allowing them to report problems as soon as they are noticed.

As a result, the technician does not need to record and then write up the information when he is back in the office, because he has a simple, convenient tool to allow him to manage his work.

The Mobile solution for optimising the update of your network.

Operators carry out network extensions and equipment changes, which requires the reference system to be updated regularly. The mobile solution allows them to update the information directly in the field, whether changes in field values or geometry modifications.

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