Les différentes énergies sont vitales pour notre monde. Les réseaux actuels doivent évoluer vers des Smart Grids (ou « Réseaux Intelligents ») pour gérer plus efficacement l’équilibre offre/demande. Par conséquent, ils sont de plus en plus sujets à des réglementations et à des défis.

The benefits of NetGeo energy

Comprehensive knowledge of your assets

A comprehensive and powerful business GIS

Simplification of the operation of your network

Business modules at your disposal

Optimisation of your interventions

Tools for planning, managinig work orders and business reports

Help with management of your investments

Creation of tailored reports and project monitoring

NetGeo energy accompanies you on your network

  • Rapidly construct an accurate and reliable reference system for the high and low voltage electricity network, from the source station to the consumer and producer connections;
  • Manage renewable energy production sites;
  • Manage catalogues, set up templates and customise records with additional fields;
  • View the network on maps and schematics;
  • Represent the posts in the form of dynamic single lines;
  • Generate Power Factory exports, and run calculations via Power Factory Engine;
  • Display departure points with a different colour and view their record;
  • Switch transformers from one station to a store and vice versa and manage their working life cycles;
  • Interface with your ERP to manage subscribers, sensitive customers;
  • Plan maintenance programmes and create reports associated with the network elements;
  • Generate reports like FACE (Financial assistance to local authorities for rural electrification), network analyses (e.g. line length by conductor type).
  • Customise the values of the drop-down lists of the records of your network elements;
  • Add new attribute fields to the data model;
  • Create your network configurations, from the simplest to the most complex (distribution stations, connections with boxes, etc.);
  • Integrate the equipment catalogues used;
  • Manage read and write access, according to business skills, in geographic zones or to certain types of objects according to their characteristics.
  • Thick client architecture for management of the reference system;
  • Thin web client architecture for viewing your network, the single lines, the schematic representations and for carrying out network maintenance;
  • Standard database system which stores and processes millions of objects on Oracle technologies;
  • Interfacing with the Power Factory tool from DlgSilent, the leader in the analysis of electricity networks;
  • Interfacing with ERP tools for updating subscribers.

They use NetGeo energy



3 May 2019

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