Les différentes énergies sont vitales pour notre monde. Les réseaux actuels doivent évoluer vers des Smart Grids (ou « Réseaux Intelligents ») pour gérer plus efficacement l’équilibre offre/demande. Par conséquent, ils sont de plus en plus sujets à des réglementations et à des défis.

The benefits of NetGeo energy

Complete knowledge of your assets

A complete, powerful business GIS

Simplify the operation of your network

Business modules at your disposal

Optimise your interventions

Planning, work order management and business reporting tools

Help with managing your investments

Create customisable reports and project monitoring

The main functionalities of NetGeo energy

  • Import your current data ;
  • Transform your projects once they are realized ;
  • Check the capacity of the network.
  • Have your mapped networks available in one click and use tools to facilitate their management.
  • Plan interventions ;
  • Create maintenance task lists ;
  • Manage corrective maintenance in relation to defects reported in the fieldwork and by sensors ;
  • Use a mobile application with mapping and assets to manage your preventive and corrective interventions.
  • Take advantage of GIS data available and shared with your partners and providers.
  • Create activity reports and have a complete history of interventions.

They use NetGeo energy



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