Train autonome, maintenance prédictive, BIM... Au coeur de tous ces sujets d'avenir, la description du réseau : comment la maintenir à jour ? Comment en garantir la cohérence ? Comment en améliorer la qualité ? Plus que jamais, le référentiel d'infrastructures s'impose comme un actif industriel stratégique pour les gestionnaires d'infrastructures.

The benefits of NetGeo rail

Topology of lines and routes

A reference system which can be used for simulation purposes

Attributes, PK, geography and schematic

The network described in all its aspects

Permanent infrastructure

The network as it was, as it is and as it will be

Comprehensive description

Routes, signals, townships and itineraries

Customer testimonial

« GiSmartware knew how to listen to our needs in order to construct a product that is genuinely suited to the activities of infrastructure managers. Going forward NetGeo rail will allow us to create quality and to maintain our Gaia reference system, while making the work of the users easier! »

Christine Climent – SNCF Réseau

The main functionalities of NetGeo rail

During the construction of NetGeo rail, GiSmartware had discussions with expert French infrastructure managers. Thanks to all their advice, NetGeo rail meets the needs of any Infrastructure Manager.

RailTopoModel standardised by the IUR (International Union of Railways), models the Rail Network in the form of a connectivity graph. NetGeo rail is based on this standard which ensures consistency, durability and interoperability of data.

NetGeo rail assistants guide the user through every step in order to:

  • Improve efficiency in updating data ;
  • Ensure the consistency of the product.

NetGeo rail has been designed for performance and scalability: it is just as capable of managing the reference system of a local network as of a national network (over 30,000 km of lines managed for SNCF Réseau)

They use NetGeo rail



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