GiSmartware, improving the performance of your water and wastewater networks!

Operators, local authorities, public contract-holders, design firms and others are involved in the funding, construction and maintenance of water and wastewater networks totalling thousands of miles’ worth of pipes and hundreds of pieces of equipment.

They are faced with significant regulatory, economic and business challenges and need solutions to facilitate work on these networks.

Issues facing water and wastewater networks today


Familiarity with the assets is the first stage in any asset management policy, the main aims of which are to improve network performance and optimise renovation and investment programmes, as stated in France’s ‘Grenelle II’ Environment Act and its decree of application of January 27, 2012.

One key challenge in the immediate future is the development of smart water networks. The aim is to succeed in measuring, analysing and sharing information in real time to improve the service provided to users in terms of quality, performance and efficiency.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Operations officer/technician

You need to focus on your core business to make the most of your in-field skills, stay effective and not waste any time

GIS technician/designer

You are keen to improve the efficiency of your designs and achieve faster, simpler integration of digital and hardcopy verification data

GIS administrator

You need a solution that’s easy to configure, future-proof and simple to maintain. You’re seeking a responsive IT/business resource

Operational manager

You need to keep to your contractual commitments; to do so, you’re keen to optimise your human resources and improve the effectiveness of your operation by performing preventive rather than curative maintenance

Network manager

Your concern is to control costs whilst ensuring continuity of public service and improving network performance. You have to generate activity reports and ensure information is shared with decision-makers and users of the service

Project owner

You’re seeking to control the cost of water, as well as conduct an asset management policy that favours infrastructure survivability and optimises performance of your network. You have to plan future investments


Our response to your needs

  • Quick access to your assets thanks to a business-oriented topological model;
  • Complete description of your network – in the office and in the field;
  • Improve effectiveness thanks to design, verification and archive plan management designed for your business;
  • Export data to asset management solution.
  • Simplify water shutoff management (valves to be closed, clients impacted, etc.), create reports and monitor the related indicators;
  • Create, optimise and monitor leak identification programmes;
  • Visualise longitudinal profiles and identify catchment and discharge zones;
  • Export data to modelling solutions.
  • Create and track the progress of your maintenance programmes and operations projects;
  • Deal with incoming calls and requests for intervention;
  • Automate planning, generation and dispatch of work orders;
  • Create reports.
  • Improve efficiency for designers thanks to our fast, robust thick client;
  • Thin client provides easy access to data for all stakeholders, using nothing more than a web browser;
  • Have information available for your people in the field, so they can take the network routes and plans with them using the mobility offline mode;
  • Extract, vitalise and share information easily thanks to dedicated analysis and decision support software.

Solutions tailored to your projects

Urbanise your GIS

Incorporate your mapping solution into your client and invoicing IS and/or your CAMM or SCADA systems, whilst ensuring your solutions are interoperable

Improve your network performance

Particularly by cutting water loss and disruption for users, as well as optimising renovation and investment expenditure

Interface your asset, environmental and operating data

To achieve full-orbed asset management and allow medium and long-term renovation programmes to be set up


Your network maintenance, data collection and operations processes

Design the Smart Networks of tomorrow

Measuring, processing, and sharing data in real time

Evaluate the impact

Of a major technical fault in your installations and identify alternative crisis management configurations

Our response to your projects

  • Links to your third-party solutions make it easier to access data;
  • Tools can be easily accessed using the internet;
  • Internal and external map-based information sharing.
  • Interfacing functions bring together asset and operational data;
  • Network graph analysis and pathfinding;
  • Crisis management support (model coupling, impacted clients, data sharing, etc.);
  • Configurable maintenance and operation programmes.
  • Visualise transmitted data and benefit from layer management;
  • Create reviews and dashboards;
  • Manage and supervise dispersed assets (sensors, meters, etc.) and your installations;
  • Hypervise your water and wastewater department.
  • Supervision, CAMM, client management and invoicing, and inventory management software providers;
  • Radio network operators and remote management hardware manufacturers;
  • Connected sensor manufacturers.

Découvrez notre solution

Le développement des « smart water networks » constitue l’enjeu majeur de demain. L’objectif est de réussir à mesurer, à analyser et à partager les informations en temps réel afin d’améliorer le service rendu à l’usager en terme de qualité, de performance et d’efficacité.