100,000 distribution points are spread across the FTTH (Fiber to the home) networks in France. Perceived as the network’s “weakest link”, distribution points are a major source of worry not only for their owners, but also for industry players whose livelihood depends on them.

Distribution points are subject to very frequent manual intervention (new customer connections, provider changes, etc.), and they experience very heavy traffic from the various operators that interact with them. Their status of “access point shared between multiple providers” leads to a multitude of dysfunctions and breakdowns.

To counter the technical and human issues encountered when managing distribution points, integration of a GIS is a viable option. It is one of the ideas suggested by the GiSmartware team in their white paper “Optimizing the operation of distribution points?”. The white paper has three main sections:

  • A state of the art on Telecoms distribution points in the French network
  • A section on the issues and challenges associated with distribution points
  • A section dedicated to solutions for improving the operation of distribution points.

Download the white paper “Optimizing the operation of distribution points”

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