geredis-deux-sevres - Depuis 2000, SEOLIS et sa filiale GEREDIS font confiance à GiSmartware pour la mise en place du logiciel GIRIS DITRIB pour la gestion du référentiel cartographique du réseau de distribution électrique.


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Since 2000, SEOLIS and its subsidiary GEREDIS have put their trust in GiSmartware for the implementation of the GIRIS DITRIB software for management of the mapping reference system of the electricity distribution network.

GIRIS Distrib relies on technologies which are no longer maintained today. Following a market analysis, GEREDIS has selected NETGEO from GiSmartware to be the new management product for the mapping reference system of the electricity distribution network.

Implementation (2015-2017)

In order to build the NETGEO ENERGY module, GiSmartware and GEREDIS work together: GiSmartware brings its expertise in software engineering and GEREDIS provides its business expertise. The AGILE Scrum method was set up for implementation of the module.

NETGEO Energy is necessary for managing all the assets of the network, and for monitoring the quality of distribution (continuity, voltage).

NETGEO Online is configured and set up for the maintenance and operation of the electricity network, for the maintenance of the gas network and for management of the DT/DICTs.

The services provided by GiSmartware cover:

  • The user needs study and the provision of business expertise in NETGEO;
  • Analysis of the requirements regarding integration into the IS of SEOLIS;
  • The design of specific functions (interfacing with existing tools such as FPL and LDAP);
  • Data migration (DGN + Oracle);
  • User training.



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