EAU et ASSAINISSEMENT, utilisation BUREAU et WEB. Depuis 1991, Veolia Water fait confiance à GiSmartware. En effet, GiSmartware a mis en place le logiciel GIRIS pour la gestion du SIG, solution déployée au niveau national et international chez Veolia Water.


mobile devices deployed throughout France
reports entered on mobile terminals devices in 2014
activities relating to drinking water
activities relating to sanitation


NetGeo water, Web and mobility use.



Veolia Water has placed its trust in GiSmartware since 1991. Indeed, GiSmartware implemented the GIRIS software package for the management of the GIS, a solution rolled out both nationally and internationally at Veolia Water.

Two projects were entrusted to GiSmartware in early 2013, in collaboration with Capgemini: the redesign of the network activity management solution (CaNOPE) within a consolidated national database, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the implementation of mobile solutions embedding the input of reports and access to the mapping of networks (base maps and asset data).


To meet these various needs, GiSmartware, Capgemini and Veolia Water have put in place an Agile Scrum method structured around 3-week iterations over the years 2013 to 2015 in order to use SmartGeo and to develop modules specific to Veolia’s business (CaNOPE). The integration of GIMAP makes it possible to provide, through the same hub, the mapping, the maintenance workflow and an object meta-model.

The services provided by GiSmartware cover:

  • The user needs study and the provision of business expertise;
  • Analysis of the requirements regarding integration into the national IS;
  • The centralisation of data in the national IS;
  • The design of additional functions (DT-DICT, interfaces);
  • User training;
  • The implementation of the mobile solution across all of the regions;
  • The transfer of regional functions to the national level (IP/BI report, ITV module).